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New Inventory + Specials

4•20 Sales (4•18 to 4•21)

20% off of All regularly priced items

BOGO on WYLD gummies

$20 for (5) 1g prerolls 

$4/g for All outdoor grown flower

New Products at the Best Prices Around

Couch Lock Rosin Collabs have arrived! Dropping Today. Pricing ranges from $55 - $70 plus tax

Gas Mintz from Bud Board • K2 from HDH Farms • Super Boof from Green Fuego

Fligh Cannabis Infused Drinks 25mg = $10 and 10mg = $9 tax included on all Fligh Drinks

Cold Brew Coffee • Lime Ricky • Vanilla Root Beer

Mountaintop Tike Juice 250mg Pina Colada $22 and 100mg Maui Mango $15 tax included on both

Stoned Ape Cannabis 50MG Lemonades $14 + tax

Lavender Haze • Pink Lemonade • Berry Blast • Original Lemonade

Stoned Ape Gummies 100mg $15 + tax and 500mg $30 + tax

Pink Lemonade • Tangerine • Cherry • Blueberry • Grape 

Yum Cloud Rosin Gummies 100mgTHC = $16 + tax and 75mgTHC 25mg CBN = $12 + tax

Strawberry • Tropical Splash • Acai Berry w CBN for sleep • Lychee w CBN for sleep

Happy 20mg Arnold Palmer rapid onset drinkables for $8 + tax

Urban Wellness Indoor LED + Hydro grown Flower $8/1g

ill Treats • Sunkiss • Jealous Banana • Bernscotti • Black Ice 

Daft Republic LED + Hydro Grown Flower $35/3.5g

White Cheetos • Fire Side • Udder Madness • Banana Jella-Scotti • Pink Bubblegum


Dank Vapes  $20 + tax

Pineapple  Express • Cereal Milk • Grandaddy  Purp • Presidential OG

Under Dawg 1g carts for $20

Pina Pitbull, Greenhound, Slush Pup, Watermelon Whippet, Grape Dane, Guava Dawg, Frenchie Pebbles, Labrador Lychee, and Akita Apple 


Pharmers Phruties $14 + tax

Mango Chile • Ocean Water


Lava Leaf Baller 3g Jars of Sugar for $50 out the door (Strawnana, Forbidden Cake

and Blueberry GMO)

Blue Alien + Forbidden Cake rosin infused pre-rolls 1g for $15


Strawnana indoor flower + strawnana rosin infused pre-rolls 1 gram for $15


Road Head flower + Strawnana rosin infused 1g pre-rolls for $15

Sugar Mama flower + Forbidden Cake rosin infused pre-rolls 1g for $12

OPP Flower now in stock $5 + tax: Rihana 24.6%, Ice Cream Cake 26.8%, Cinderella 21.3%


$100 + Tax 30%+THC Ounces (Apples and Bananas, Tye Dye) 


We now carry all flavors of Dime 2g Disposables (blueberry lemon haze, canteloupe dream, king louie, peach kush, strawberry cough, watermelon kush, wedding cake, and pink rose)


On Sale

$4 grams on Select Rotating Varieties of Flower

BOGO for $5 on all Olio Rosin 1g cold cure and .5g carts (Strawnana + GMO Punch)

$50 OZ's (select rotating varieties) 


25% off All Wana Gummies

Lemon Chello • Strawberry Margaritas • Fast Asleep Dream Berry


25% off Lift Equation Crunch and Sour Gummies: 500mg Blue Razz

More Goodies


$20 everyday pricing for 2023 living soil + sun grown eights:

Apples and Bananas 31.5%

GMO Punch 31%

Sugar Mama 30.4%

Forbidden Cake 30%

Tye Dye 29.9%

Road Head 25.8%

Strawnana 25%

Blue Alien 25%

Jack Herer 25%

Puppy Chow 24%

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