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New Inventory + Specials

New Products at the Best Prices Around (newest items are listed first)

Aficionado Indoor Living Soil Grown Flower Drop: GMO Punch 31.5% THC and 36% total cannabinoids, Cake n Chem 29% THC and 34% total cannabinoids

New Flavors of Couch Lock Rosin Collabs have arrived! Dropping Today. Pricing ranges from $55 - $70 plus tax

• K2 from HDH Farms • Apples and Bananas X Mod Grapes HDH Farms • Government Oasis HDH Farms

Blue Alien Lava Leaf derived Terpene + Diamond Carts from Budder Pros. Mix and Match (4) Flavors of .5g carts for $60

Joy Bombs 100mg $24: These taste just like skittles and come in sour, tropical, and original flavors. So you don't eat too many these will come with a Free bag of Skittles 

All Flavors of Fligh Gummies $9/100mg

Lava Leaf Baller 3g Jars of Sugar for $50 out the door (Strawnana, Forbidden Cake

and Blueberry GMO)

On Sale

BOGO for all Dank Vape Products

BOGO on all flavors of Urban Wellness Sugar Skulls

$4 grams on select rotating varieties of popcorn flower

$50 OZ's (select rotating varieties) 

More Goodies


$20 everyday pricing for 2023 living soil + sun grown eights:

Apples and Bananas 31.5%

GMO Punch 31%

Sugar Mama 30.4%

Forbidden Cake 30%

Tye Dye 29.9%

Road Head 25.8%

Strawnana 25%

Blue Alien 25%

Jack Herer 25%

Puppy Chow 24%

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