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About Us

Cultivating World Class Craft Cannabis With Integrity

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself"

-Henry Ford 


Our mission is continue to exceed our current quality standards and go beyond organic standards to sustainably produce craft cannabis in living soil with less waste and increased equity. We focus on growing cannabis flowers that are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and are grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides or nutrients.   This project has been a labor of love that has required great sacrifice and brought many challenges, all of which we have overcome together. As a company we have adopted the Japanese principal of Kaizen and are focused on the continual improvement of our systems, community, and community members. The #LavaLeafCollective is actively engaged in growing better people in addition to better plants and nugs. Our business partners that make up the #FarmFamily help us to be better individuals and vice versa. We believe that if we work together, do our best, and keep our word then our success is assured. 

Our Story

Lava Leaf Organics was founded by Mitchell, Tony, and Steve Martinez. We built this company to serve the patients of New Mexico under the medical cannabis program that developed in response to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act. In 2015 we were shovel ready and applied but were denied licensure due to political shenanigans in Santa Fe. Unwilling to accept defeat or wait years to start this journey we are grateful that one badass company known as Urban Wellness with great forward thinking leaders gave us a chance to prove our concepts and build a track record of success working under their license. That lasted from 2016 though 2021 when we were awarded the first production license following  the passage of the Cannabis Regulation Act. Getting our own license allowed us to scale our systems and grow our community.  Today we work with 15 groups of contractors/people that make up the #LavaLeafCollective or #FarmFamily working on our property. We have also helped 4 family owned companies with similar values to obtain licensure and to get their cultivation operations off the ground. One major differentiator that we hope becomes the norm, is that we do not hire growers we partner with them. We believe that business owners will take more pride in and responsibility for their work. This means that more love and care is given to each nugget of flower Lava Leaf produces. New Mexico is home to many great producers so high quality is now par for the course. Now we are leveling up our systems and driving a conversation around equity and the sustainability  of cannabis production. When purchasing cannabis we hope people will question, how was this grown? Was it a sustainable use of water and power? Does this company recycle? Are the growers or creators of this product valued?

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