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Apples and Bananas The Gold Tooth Gang cut of Apples and Bananas has been generating some well deserved hype. Most who try this one agree that it is some of the best herb they have ever smoked. It has an exotic sweet funk flavor profile. it has a balanced blend of both energizing and relaxing terpenes and a high level of CBG which gives this tasty flower an overall energizing effect. Testing Between 30.9% to 32% THC and 38.9% total Cannabinoids with 2.2% to 3% total terpenes. From greatest to least the Dominant terps include Myrcene Limonene Caryophyllene Linalool Bisabolol humulene. (60% Energizing)

Blue Alien produces  bug buds that greet you with gassy, sweet, and chemy scents. Bred by @aka_texaskid its made up of the classic Blue Dream and Alien #4. Her big chunky buds taste great and deliver a mellow high that may inspire you to get things done and take on projects you  may have been procrastinating. Testing at 25% on average with its dominant terps being

(70% Energizing)

Brandy Wine Bandit is an energizing cultivar that will help to calm a troubled mind and relax a sore body without leaving you feeling drained or sedated.. She was bred by @btrees505/btrees seeds and her crosses are cowboy cookies x brandy wine. The flavor profile is dominated by earthy overtones and accented with hints of pepper, basil and a slight sweetness. After a big rip you may be able to see your friends auras and read their minds. Testing at 22.3% thc and 26.8% total cannabinoids. Total Terpenes are coming in at 1.93% an from greatest to least they are Caryophylene Limonene Humulene Bisobolol myrcene Pinene. (50/50 Hybrid)

Black Maple 

The Black Maple brings together fruity, berry-like scent of Dulce De Uva with the rich, creamy flavor of Sherbanger, creating a complex terpene profile that is truly remarkable. This strain fills the room with distinct notes of ripe blackberries and blueberries, with earthy and spicy undertones. The flavor of this strain is just as delightful, coating the mouth with the sweet flavors of blueberry ice cream and exotic spices. The taste lingers for several minutes, making for a pleasant experience that any cannabis user is sure to love.


Cake N Chem can be simultaneously calming for your body and stimulating for your mind. This cultivars effects are dose specific . A little will motivate you and a lot can couch lock you. This Urban Wellness cut is a cross of GSC + Starfigter x Chem 4 + ChemD BX2 Bred by Greenpoint Seeds has stood the test of time. This cut is so sticky that at harvest time the leaves try and stick to the buds and wont fall to the ground. Testing at above 3% terps every time and up to 6.6% terps when the stars align. to say she stinks in the best way is an understatement. Cake n Chem 's Remaining batches are testing at 28.2% THC.  (50/50 Hybrid)


Drewpiter (coming soon)


Forbidden Cake tastes like she smells featuring Loud sweet gassy funky terps that are absolutely exotic and unique. When you blaze this one you will feel too blessed to be stressed. Elev8 seeds crossed wedding Cake x Forbidden Fruit to get this alchemical miracle. Mindfully take a toke and on the exhale you may feel your third eye open wider. It will also relax tension in your body descending from the head down to your toes. Testing at 24.5% THC and 30.3% total Cannabinoids with a heavy dose of CBGa. Myrcene Limonene Caryophyllene Linalool Nerolidol and Humulene. (Relaxing)

GMO Punch is a relaxing extra stoney cultivar that will relax the body and mind after a hard day. bred by Greenpoint Gentics GMO x Purple Punch. Pheno hunted and gifted to us. by Urban Wellness. this cut is boutiqueey AF producing little sticky popcorn nugs that burst with an herbaceous gassy flavor and smell that will stink up a room or car instantly. Definitely not a yielder but the juice is worth the squeeze because the flavor of the smoke and she makes the best tasting extracts. Testing between 27% and 31.5% THC and ooziing with terpenes.  (Relaxing)

Jack Here offers a rapid onset and a balanced high. Many report a pleasurable head rush followed by a focused and potentially creative experience. Pheno hunted at Lava LEaf from some 1996 seed stock that the Texas Kid had in his private stash of Jack Herer Seeds. Testing between 24.6% and 26.3% THC with up to 30.4% total cannabinoids, and 2.5% terpenes. Although myrcene dominates the terpene profile it is rich in energizing terps such as pinene and limonene in addition to a good dose of CBG to lift your spirits. From greatest to least its dominant terps are Myrcene Pinene Caryophyllene Limonene and Humulene. (Energizing)

Jack Fruit offers a similar rapid onset and a balanced high like its cousin sister Jack Herer but it has a unique and fruity flavor comparatively. Expect a pleasurable head rush followed by a focused and potentially creative experience. Pheno hunted at Lava Leaf from some 1996 seed stock the @aka_TexasKid had in his private stash of Jack Herer seeds. 20.7% to 22% THC and up to 26% total cannabinoids and 2.9% terpenes. Although myrcene dominates the terpene profile it is rich in energizing terps such as pinene and limonene in addition to a good dose of CBG to lift your spirits. Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene. (Energizing)


Puppy Chow is energizing when consumed in light doses but can accumulate on you quickly if your blazing hard-on-er. Bred by Raw Genetics, A cross between Stuffed French Toast #13 x Burnt Toast. The Puppy Chow experience is amazing and will make mundane labourous activities like washing your car, cleaning your home, pulling fan leaves or going down the slide at the park with your kids for the 123rd time quite fun. Tastes like eating Bread pudding in the fresh air ofa pine forest. testing at 23.2% to 25.1% THC and 31.6% total cannabinoids. Total Terpenes measured 1.5% on avg and from greatest to least they are Caryophyllene limonene myrcene humulene linalool and pinene. (Energizing)


Rainbow Guava


Road Head excites the senses with scents of funky citrusy goodness and just a little hint of spice. its nugs are sheeted in trichomes so it is very pleasing to the eye. Expect to feel relaxed, euphoric and grounded within moments of exhaling your first hit. Road Head pairs well with introspective personal developmenmt work like meditating, writing, drawing, or painting, Bred by Deser Frost seeds right here in NM This winner is testing at 24.5% - 25.8% with 2.2 to 2.5% total terpenes. Myrcene Caryophyllene Limonene humulene bisobolol and linalool (More Energizing)


Strawnana can be energizing or relaxing depending on dosage. A DNA and Serious Seeds collab gone very very well.. Its a cross between Crockets Banana Kush x the Strawberry pheno of Bubblegum (14er cuT). She will definitely make your mouth water when you pop open a Terploc bag full of nugs. the nose and flavor are true to the name. She's a Lava Leaf fan favorite and is getting a lot of Love in return. Testing between 23.1% and 26.3% THC and 28.2% to 32.1% total cannabinoids with the majority of the extra being CBGa. 25 to 2.5% total terpenes which include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, bisabolol, Pinene (50/50 Hybrid)

Sugar Mama will make you feel extra chill. This cross of GMO x Carmel Tsunami, bred by Tsunami Seeds. She Tastes and smells very sweet, to paint the picture of the whole experience. think of drinking the best green tea latte in a hazy forest cabin with the morning sun beaming in through the windos. She Pairs well with Netflix-n-chilling and may lead to laughing at things that are only a little funny. Testing Between 23.5% THC and 30.4% Total cannabinoids. Domiinant terps: Caryophyllene myrcene humulene limonene bisabolol nerolidol (Relaxing)


Tye Dye is able to refresh your vibes and lift your spirits in extremely light doses. A little heavier dose and she provides a relaxing full body experience and leaves you with a peaceful sense of calm. A cross of Runtz x Burnt Toast, We are thankful Raw Genetics bred this one She's bringing Sweet Cream and Gassy Flavors that coat your pallet. It Pairs Well with meditation, foam rolling, or tanning your buns in the sun. She's Testing between 29.2% and 31.3% THC with 36.9% total cannabinoids. Terpene levels from 1.9% to 2.2%. Dominant terps include Caryophyllene, Myrcene Limonene humulene Bisabolol and Linalool. (Relaxing)

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